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The Cook Off

Liz knows you’re hungry for love and food so this week they have found the ultimate cooking show! What’s the secret to a good Southern marriage? Marinades and smoking up! From dry and wet rubs, meats, spit roasts with your brother-in-law, and other kinds of meat cuts, Mr and Mrs Texas talk you through their cooking process and reminisce about their winter Meat Fest. This couple knows that when you’re cold, you want some hot meat inside you!

High School Throwback - Class of 2005 Reunion

Forget live crosses from red carpets: no one does a live cross from Greensborough Secondary College like ya boy Lance and ya girl Sherrallanne. These best friends may have left highschool but has highschool left them? A glittering night of old flames, hot teachers, non-friends, and crushes, at the end of the day all Lance and Sherrallanne want is for you to slide on into their DM’s so they can slide in right back. This is the highschool reunion you wish you’d been invited to.

The History of Hilarious Hundo

Liz has uncovered very-behind-the-scenes Melbourne International Comedy Festival gold! Trail-blazing comedy reviewer Raquel Cunningham and former one-man-man Clyde Beowulf take us on a four-part series of the history of the legendary Hilarious Hundo. This week: the Hundo through the 90s. Perks and downfalls of comedy reviewing, friendships, scandals, and passive-aggressive introspective retrospectives. And remember: a comedy show isn’t anything without a review behind it.

Economics of the Family

How far can your dollar go? Liz has found the answer! Lachie and Gabby are self-sacrificing parents who will not only teach you to budget your finances but budget your relationship! In this week’s episode, Gabby itemises the couple’s shared bank statements to help you control your finances and uncovers Lachie’s secret expenses outside the marriage: condoms, triple cream Brie, dinner at Vudemon, flowers, and nights at the Crown casino.

Raising Celebrity Children

Has Liz Comedy found the ultimate parenting podcast? They are very drunk, very rich and very talented: they are Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Recorded from their boat docked in the Mediterranean, Liz and Dick’s Raising Celebrity Children is a parenting podcast unlike any other: it’s actually useful. This week they discuss the pitfalls of longhaired children and why it’s best to ‘Keep it high, keep it tight.’

Are You Serious?

This week Liz Comedy takes you on a deep dive into the fashion world with Are you Serious. Hosts Brendan and Heather may be mourning their beloved friend Gillian but that won’t stop them from doing the Lord’s work: taking every opportunity for fashion. Yes, they’ve been rawed on. Yes, they’ve been victimised but grief will not get in the way of them letting people know they’re fugly. Say goodbye to tragic fashion…forever.

Dennis & Marie’s Interstate Adventures - Melbourne Edition

This week Liz Comedy has found Dennis and Marie’s Interstate Adventures. Dennis and Marie have once again left their beautiful home in Ipswich and caught the nation’s finest rail service all the way down to Melbourne to visit their son, Richie. Staying at the Big 4 Caravan Park in Coburg, Dennis and Marie discuss their Melbourne highlights (hello, R.M Williams store!), share great interstate travel tips and get real about what makes their marriage work. This is a couple who love to get railed!